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"Kevin has determination and leadership qualities that he has learned and he exhibits them on a day to day basis. Kevin has been a camp leader at several summer youth camps and it has been the perfect capacity for him, he has been able to use his passion for youth ministry to show Christ’s love to others. I also got to see Kevin be a leader on our basketball team. Kevin lead by example on and off the court, he was a captain on the team and was a great role model for our underclassman. He lead our team on the court, in knowledge and experience of the game.  He lead off the court as a spiritual role model, he carried himself with spiritual maturity that was very visible to our entire team and to others we competed against. I believe that Kevin will have great success in whatever path the Lord leads him on.  Kevin treats everyone with the utmost respect, he is very quick to learn, and has great leadership habits. Kevin’s athletic background and camp leader experience gives the him the ability to work well with others and be a leader when it is necessary. I think Kevin would excel in any leadership position which guides others on a Christian walk and has the great qualities of a servant leader."

James Southerland / Toccoa Falls College / Former Assistant Men's Basketball Coach & Sports Management Professor   

"Kevin Cave is a charismatic and enthusiastic person with a real love for God, that shines right through him. This incredible man of God is a role model for all, showing what it means to have a passion for Jesus and caring for His followers."

Andrew Graham / Hope and Life Grayson / Youth Pastor

"Kevin has leadership traits along with the confidence to use those abilities.  I have witnessed Kevin mature
in his growth as a leader and handle situations in a continually improved manner. His daily life bears the fruit of his relationship with Jesus. He will do the tasks assigned to him to the best of his ability and encourage others along the way. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Kevin for numerous opportunities that are aligned with his abilities and potential."

Kevin Hall / Toccoa Falls College / Former Head Men's Basketball Coach & Athletic Director

"Before coming to Sugarloaf I had essentially been an atheist as a I hopped around from church to church without ever feeling any closer to God. My life had hardships in every aspect. My family relations were turbulent, my friendships were toxic and strained, depression was draining my will to keep going, and worst of all: my faith in God had broken under the pressure of it all. Then I started coming to youth ministry at basically the same time Kevin became the youth leader. From the start, Kevin was friendly and understanding and
most of all; he was real. His experiences that he shares and his thoughts that he voices are always from the heart and made me understand that everyone is flawed. Even the people I look up to. During the past 2 years I've attended SUMC Kevin has honestly become a role model and a best friend that I feel comfortable with. I shared the sins that I've been struggling with for years now and Kevin only responded with love and understanding. He showed me compassion that I don't think I would have received anywhere else and made me feel like I could truly around the parts of my life I felt lacking in. I've never known anyone as Open, as Kind, as Loving, as Understanding, as Amazing as Kevin Cave. I'm so thankful that God brought him into my life and because of his impact on me I hope that one day I can be a youth pastor and lead more hearts towards God."

Auldwin Gadzepko / Former Student


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